Heat Shrink Tubing

Radiform heat shrink tubing is designed to meet all LV electrical engineering requirements.

Applications for the products include; Electrical Insulation - Cable Splices and Terminations - Cable Sheath Repair - Cable Branches Mechanical Protection - Sealing of Cables, Pipes and Components
Chemical and Corrosion Protection.

Nylon & Stainless Steel Cable Ties

All Radiform cable tie products meet UL62275 and are listed with file E469183 Type 21, Positioning Device 33AS.

Securing applications include; cable, hoses, pipes and poles.
Commercial grade nylon, Ascend & nylon for UV resistance and 316 stainless steel natural or coated ties are available in a range of colours and sizes.

SCG Thin Wall Heat Shrink

Meets the requirements of UL224 VW1. The tube is available in 2:1 and a small range of 3:1 shrink ratios. A wide range of colours and sizes are available in four packaging configurations auto kits, 1.2m lengths reels, and dispenser boxes.

RDW Dual Wall Heat Shrink

Adhesive lined thin wall heat shrink popular in the Automotive industry. ROHS compliant and a 3:1 shrink ratio. A variety of colours and sizes are available in three packaging configurations; auto kits 1.2m lengths and reels.

Nylon & Ascend Cable Ties

Nylon with Ascend Vydyne black cable ties provide exceptional long term performance in outdoor applications. Radiforms commercial grade ties are available in natural, blue and black. Both series are availble in a range of sizes.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

All Radiform stainless steel ties have smooth round edges and self locking ball mechanisms. The polyester coated variety are UV resistant, flame retardent and halogen free.  Polyester is a hard durable finish that lasts in harsh environments.

RMW Medium Wall Heat Shrink

These products meet the requirements of BS6910 Part 1 for LV applications. Shrink ratios vary from 3:1 and 5:1 relative to ID. Tubes are available in 1.2m lengths.

Heat Shrink - End Caps - Break Outs - Wrap Arounds
and Submersible Pump Jointing Kits - Silicone Cold Shrink

All Radiform End Caps, Break Outs and Wrap Arounds are adhesive lined and provide a high degree of waterproofing. Rated for LV applications to 1kV, resistant to UV and all have a high shrink ratio.

Heat shrink submersible pump cable jointing kits are designed to take up to four core cables from 1 to 6mm sq cables and are rated to 600V. The kits contain all the components, instructions and preparation paper to complete a waterproof joint.

New to our range is Silicone Cold Shrink Sleeves. No tools required, water repellent and UV resistant.

Product Details

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We provide a number of OEM products to distributors and wholesalers.
Please contact us if you require specific cut lengths of heat shrink, cold shrink specifications or cable tie dimensions.